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QUIT FAVORITING EVERYTHING IN MY GALLERY AT ONE TIME. I HATE favebombs, very few things piss me off more on DA.

Please don't ask what program(s) I use.


:bulletwhite: - Not started/Waiting on payment

:bulletblack: - Idea in mind

:bulletred: - Sketching

:bulletpurple: - Linearting

:bulletpink: - Coloring

:bulletorange: - Shading (if applicable)

:bulletgreen: - Backgrounding

:bulletblue: - Done


:bulletpurple:A-Jax @ FA - SBG Commission w/SPS. [26$-HALF PAID]

:bulletwhite: SandfeatherWarrior - Sketch Commission [5$-NOT PAID]



:bulletblack::iconthe-redmoor-hunts: - DARE IMAGE


:bulletblack:Hyena character reference/doodle

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deviation in storage by TornTethers


  • Mood: Pain

There will be a simplified "TL;DR" at the bottom of this journal! Go to it if you're like me and have issues reading paragraphs of stuff sometimes :'D


WELL like

I never really left but thats besides the point.

BUT yes I'll be returning to this site a bit more, being more active and what have ya, rather than limiting most of my activity to Tumblr like I was previously intending.

Mostly because, although I've met and seen some REALLY super awesome peeps on that site, I've also seen and been involved in WAY WAY too many ridiculous SJW* fights over such trivial shit I'm stuck sitting here like..
"are you serious right now"
* = When I say 'SJW' I'm referring the the ridiculous people creating problems out of nothing [ie. calling someone 'ableist' because they use the words 'crazy' or 'idiot'], not people advocating for actual social equality/justice/whatnot

and its kinda sorta irking me :'D


REALLY THOUGH the only thing that will be changing is that I'll be posting all art I post to tumblr on here too now, instead of the little preview images that link to my tumblr or whatnot. But it'll be heavily watermarked due to DA's increasingly suckish art theft reporting system.

BUT! If you're a pretty regular commentor[DA/FA]/reblogger[Tumblr], we've talked and/or know eachother, or just.. wanna give it a shot, you can NOTE ME and request the password for my PRIVATE/PERSONAL Tumblr blog Cosmic-Lycan where I'll be posting full-res images with LESS [but still some] gross covering watermarks.</u>
But be warned, that blog is a PERSONAL one as well as one where I'll upload full res art. As in, youll see the uncensored side of me occasionally vent and rage about [likely] petty shit.
DO NOT ask for the password and then bitch and moan about what I may type. Nothing there will be bigotted. Nothing will call anybody out unless they REALLY deserve it [as in, just killed my family or something, not petty bullshit].
If you read something of mine and feel like I'm being a bigot, you're likely misinterpreting the text, OR I didn't word myself correctly! Just wanna get that out there now. Because of drama bullshit in the past; NO, I am not sexist, racist, homphobic, heterophobic, ableist, cisphobic, transphobic, otherkin-phobic, or any of that pathetic bullshit [YEP SJW's have accused me of all these LOL :'D]. I judge you by your personality and actions towards me and others. Thats it. [can i just say how hard it was to find decent links to the definitions of some of those words though holy SHIT. tried to get links with a short and sweet definition BUT SOMETIMES THEY JUST DIDNT EXIST, or in the case of kinphobic, I literally couldnt find anything.]
DA Username [ONLY IF the one youre noting me from is not your MAIN]:
MAIN Tumblr URL[s]:
Why you want it [THIS IS OPTIONAL! but if I dont know you/we havent interacted much I'd really like it :0]:

anddd that's that.
My MAIN Tumblr is SyncedAlone btw :0
I also have one that is JUST my art and text posts I make, it's simply SevenZee


Welp past couple of days I've been sick as a dog. Antidepressant withdrawal ain't a joke friends, jesus. It started because I decided I was gonna temporarily stop my Effexor, to see if my anhedonia improved, since I had read that antidepressants can actually cause or worsen anhedonia. Ironic huh. Something about serotonin levels increasing can cause dopamine levels to decrease.

Well, it certainly improved. Buuut, within the first couple of days, bam. Withdrawal hits me like a brick. NOOO fun. I've dealt with it once before on the first antidepressant I was tried on [I've been on dozens by now]. It's like the flu, but worse because its all mental. So, along with feeling like your heads gonna explode from pressure, and wanting to puke your guts out, and feeling ungodly tired, youre also basically CONSTANTLY having an internal meltdown because now not only do you feel shitty mentally, you feel shitty physically. Literally NOTHING feels okay, and you can't even do anything to help yourself because just moving to sit up and attempt to do one of your coping mechanisms makes you want to puke and tear out your eyes because of how sore they are.

Eugh. Anyway my docs trying me back on the first antidepressant I ever tried, zoloft. Small dose to start with, but thankfully it's made the withdrawal symptoms ease up considerably. I'm just fatigued and wanting to gouge out my painful eyes, rather than that AND feeling like Im gonna puke just from reading text on a screen. Granted, at night I still sometimes get sick, but at least it's not constant anymore. The eye pain is actually potentially from the horrible allergens here currently though, rather than withdrawal. Apparently tree pollen is pretty fuckin high right now.

This shit is also a reason I haven't been arting much. I just don't have the energy, motive, or desire to do it much currently. Sometimes just the thought of it makes me want to cry idfk why?
Meh, well, we'll see how shit goes from here.


MENTAL: Trying new meds, currently having antidepressant withdrawal and feel crappy. Still not much art cause I just don't have enough motive or energy most of the time.

SITE ACTIVITY: I'll be becoming more active and posting all art here too now instead of just Tumblr. I'll also try and keep up with my FA account as well haha :'D And in the event I ever draw NSFW content again.. it'll likely be on my [currently inactive] Weasyl account [but you must FRIEND REQUEST me to see it], and my PERSONAL Tumblr. Likely NOT on my FA, but eh, never know with me!
My MAIN Tumblr is SyncedAlone
My "ME ONLY" Tumblr is SevenZee [Only contains Art or Text posts I've made, no reblogs of other content like my main]
My PERSONAL Tumblr is Cosmic-Lycan [Password protected, see below for more info]
My FurAffinity is zekkers 
My Weasyl is SevenZee [MAJORLY inactive :'D won't really upload or do much on there currently unless I happen to do NSFW stuff]

PRIVATE BLOG / 'COSMIC-LYCAN': All art I post here and elsewhere will be heavily watermarked, even if they're just doodles/sketches. Cosmic-Lycan will be the password-protected blog I upload full res images with a bit LESS watermarking. Still some, obviously, but not as much so that it doesn't obscure much. You must contact me privately to get the password to this. I don't care HOW you private-message me, just know you must fill this out:
DA Username [ONLY IF the one you're noting me from is not your MAIN]:
Tumblr URL[s]:
Why you want it
[THIS IS OPTIONAL! but if I dont know you/we havent interacted much I'd really like it :0]:

And there ya go folks. Have a good evening!


Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

-When you leave one word comments on any of my art, it makes me want to secretly rip your hands off and shove them through your eye sockets ;D

-I'm young, but old enough to legally be on DA

-I am tomboy [incase you didnt guess lol] I literally only wear guy shit.. hoodies, tshirts, sweat pants. Never anything girly, doesnt matter for what reason.

-I'm a cat person, and almost always draw cats, yet part of my really enjoys drawing dogs though I hate one of the dogs we have in real life.

-Favorites on my art mean little to nothing, and just spam my inbox. Comments are what I love~ 'Cept one word comments. Refer back to first FF.

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Hey SevenZee, I just wanted to stop by and wish you a great 'Happy Birthday!.' ; v ; I appreciate you so much, and I pray things are all right as of late. You are a beautiful blessing and gift to me, as well as to many others around you, and I hope you know that I care deeply about you and utterly respect you in the utmost sense as an artist and friend. I love your funny sense of humor, and I am beyond glad that you exist and are here today.
I hope your birthday is bright, wonderful, and fun as you celebrate with family and friends. Have a lovely day and a face full of cake.

- T r i n <3
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